Chart of Average Penis Length by Age (Erect)

From the illustration chart above it shows the penis growth rate starting from the age of 10 to 24 years and over. The size of the penis changes during puberty. On average the growth of a healthy male penis start growing between the ages of 13 years up until 24 years of age. Some boys will start puberty later then some, but this mainly due to genetic factors.

During puberty the testicles will first begin to enlarge and the growth of hair will appear around the pubic area. At some stage the length of the penis growth will appear then followed by girth slightly later.

For a mature adult, the average size for a non-erect penis is between 3-4 inches. When a mature adult penis is fully erected it can reach up to an average of 5.5-6.5 inches (see illustration above). Teenage boys will have to wait a further one to two years after they have stopped growing in height before they will be able to clearly know their final penis size.

Shown in the study above, it was concluded that after puberty ages the average male penis will continue to grow slightly and will completely stop growing around 29-30 years of age.

Penis Girth Chart Penis Size Compare Between Ethnics Average Penis Length By Age

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