Penis Size Compare Between Ethnics
- Penis Length (Erect)

From the chart above over 600 men where survey from different ethnic background. Result show clearly shows that African males have longer average erect penis size then their Orientals and Caucasians counterparts.

There was a significant difference in length between African, Caucasians, and Orientals (those from Asia including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese descent). The average flaccid length among African males survey shows the average erected penis length at around 7 inches compared to 5 inches for Oriental males.

From the result above, it visibly shows that oriental males have short penises, but we have found it has nothing to do with race, but more with the genetic factors and the ethnic group's diet which adversely effects their build and height of a person. There is evidence of a very slight correlation between penis length and body height. On average oriental males are shorter than African and Caucasians males.

Oriental males are genetically not short; it is primarily the result of traditional Asian diets during childhood and the years of puberty. Most oriental males lack in dairy and protein product contain in meat which are common in western diets. Therefore, these can effect the development of the body as well as the size of the penis.

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